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„Germans & Jews – Eine neue Perspektive“

Vereinigte Staaten 2016 / Dokumentarfilm / 76 Minuten / Regie: Janina Quint / ab 6 Jahren freigegeben

Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2020 - 8:00 bis Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2020 - 18:00
W-Film Online Kino

Ein großartiger, intelligenter und wichtiger Film.« - Daniel Kehlmann, Autor

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce that W-film is now launching “Germans & Jews” on-line in Germany and in other European countries. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic the theatrical release marking 75 years after the ending of WWII, had to be cancelled. The historical and psychological arc traced in “Germans & Jews” remains true and unexpected. However, we are also aware of the political and social changes that have developed in Germany since the American launch of our film in late 2015. The influx of over a million refugees has only added to the complexity of the German narrative.Like in the US and many European countries, Germany’s democratic values of tolerance are increasingly challenged. Hate speech and unspeakable acts of violence have again reared their ugly head. Despite this, it is a mistake to conclude, “nothing will ever change in Germany”. Now, more than ever, an effort must be made to vigilantly isolate and identify individuals, groups, and organizations, which thrive on hate. Hate is always the lowest common denominator. Fritz Stern ends the film by calling upon the next generation of Germans to defend democracy and democratic institutions. In that spirit “Germans & Jews” remains profoundly relevant.

We'd appreciate it if you would share this with friends that might be interested. 

Tal, Maria & Janina

P.S. Again, a big thank you to everybody who participated in Germans & Jews and entrusting your stories to us. There would have been no film without you. 

Germans and Jews Trailer

New York Times “Incisive …. Part psychology seminar and sociology course, Germans & Jews finds its sharpest insights as it examines the stress of communication, when both sides are so hyper-aware of the past that it hinders what’s said in the present. Yet just the fact that Germans — Jewish and non-Jewish — are talking about the issues, Ms. Quint suggests, is a real cause for hope, despite history.” – Ken Jaworowski

LA Times  “‘Germans and Jews’ is a nuanced look at a complicated situation that offers insights into the intricacies of the human condition.” – Kenneth Turan

The Hollywood Reporter: “A thoughtful and illuminating examination of a provocative subject.” – Frank Scheck

The Daily Beast : The new documentary ‘Germans & Jews’ chronicles how Germany has learned from its history of intolerance. The Donald should give it a gander.

Salon:  “In Janina Quint’s subtle, compact but deeply resonant documentary Germans & Jews, we can see how far the modern nation of Germany has come in terms of historical reckoning and historical reconciliation, 70 years after the end of World War II.” – Andrew O’Hehir

Village Voice: “With subtle, skillful editing, director Janina Quint wisely allows such paradoxes to arise on their own while giving the viewer enough historical context to make sense of them.” – Diana Clarke 

Jewish Standard [The Times of Israel]: “What truly makes the film a must-see are the fine interviews with social psychologists, historians, Jewish educators and museum directors …. an exceptional documentary.” – Eric A. Goldman